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Techegames is constantly looking for exceptional writers who can provide engaging, thorough, and well-researched content. We believe that our weblogs will be a trustworthy source of knowledge and practical recommendations for people interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence, gaming, business, and technology advancements. And we’re on the lookout for new concepts from writers like yourself!

Every month, our blog has thousands of unique visitors from all around the world. Visitors, management executives, industry specialists, and enthusiasts are among our audience. As a result, adding your unique concepts to the techegames blogs has a lot of benefits!

Right now, we are now seeking submissions on the following general categories:





Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any fresh blog concepts or topics. We’ll be delighted to review them, and as previously said, we’re always open to new experiences!

Techegames Submission Criteria

  • Originality:

We only accept articles that are unique and 100% original.

  • Citations:

If your submission contains factual or statistical information, it must contain hyperlinks to credible sources

  • Meta-Descriptions:

You can include 1-2 sentences that summarize the article. (Note: the meta description length should not be more than 255 characters).

  • Images:

You should include original images of dimensions 750 x 300. If you have third-party images, provide relevant attributions.

  • Avoid Brand Promotions:

If your submission directs the readers to other businesses/services, we are not interested.

Our Publication Process

1. Our editorial department will conduct a critical review of your submission to ensure maximum originality.

2. The editors at techegames reserve the right to modify, correct, or detect any mistakes if they come across them.

3. You will receive a confirmation in 2 days if your submission gets approval from our editorial department.

4. We publish your submission once it meets all the required criteria.

(Noteonce published on the techegames website, you will not be able to republish the article elsewhere).

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