What are the best gaming websites in 2022?

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Annually, dozens of video games are launched, and there isn’t enough time to be playing them all. How do you know which of these games are worthwhile? In recent years, video game journalism has faced numerous challenges. We won’t go into specifics now, but rest assured that plenty of renowned video gaming websites have committed major ethical violations.  Furthermore, many gaming websites’ emphasis has moved away from analyzing games centred on their game mechanics and performance. Some sites now prioritize societal issues above everything else, and some writers treat some publications as if they were personal blogs. Other multiplayer websites have expanded their scope to include other kinds of media, to the disadvantage of their gaming coverage.

You are encouraged to do your own exploration of these problems and arrive at your own inferences about whether you want to pursue such popular gaming sites. Whatever sites you want to view, it is critical that you focus on the authors, not only the server.

There is no such thing as a “best game review site” for everyone because the quality of the writers at different sites varies.

Top 20 Gaming Websites

Let’s have a look at some of these sites that may prove helpful to you:

1. Destructoid

Destructoid is a fantastic all-around gamer’s website that offers a little bit of almost everything. It posts an article on a regular basis, with numerous news reports, evaluations, and features showing up on weekly basis. This includes game updated information about games, demos of future games, and opinion columns.

It is, however, more than just a gaming news website. Destructoid analyzes console and Computer games, and also mobile games and DLC. Its assessments are concise, but you can also read Destructoid’s scoring scheme to learn how the site ranks games.

Add video content and discussion forums to this scope, and you’ve got a good online gaming website anybody can relish.

2. GamesRadar+

GamesRadar+, one more gaming news portal with a good wide range of content, offers news, evaluations, characteristics, hands-on looks at new titles, and much more. You can browse feedback and guidance by scheme, or you can read the most recent news and analysis.

Many other sites review a large number of games, but GamesRadar+ does not. Just at time of posting, the blog’s most recent 20 reviews involve a few important games and most are equipment evaluations. This demonstrates that the personnel does not rush through reviews.

The assessments are easy to scroll thanks to definite Pros/Cons entries and an overview of the verdict. Generally speaking, GamesRadar+ has a lot of material to look through, and also quick stories to keep you up to date on news and reviews.

3. Game Informer

Game Informer is a well-known online gaming publication with a webpage. Unlike many other gaming online sites which also incorporate films and TV information, this one focuses solely on games. There will be headlines, promos of new releases, evaluations, and aspects.

It’s a refreshingly simple hold on a game website in this overly complex modern era. Most of those employees have been playing games for a long time, and the site has a good appearance. Review sites tear down the essential aspects, such as visuals, gameplay, and replayability.

Overall, Game Informer is a site created for players by people who enjoy video games. The homepage does not evaluate every game, but what’s really available is superb, and there is no partisan rhetoric to fret about.

4. Metacritic

Metacritic is for you if you don’t need to wade through full reviews that just want a quick scoring system to see if a game is worth enjoying. It is not a rating site in and of itself, but rather collates scores from other game review sites.

When you look up a game, you’ll see an average rating scale from 1 to 100. It’s difficult to summarize a game’s performance in a single number most of the time. As a result, many experts oppose the importance placed on Metacritic, but it’s a good place to initiate your exploration of a game. Just keep in mind that a numeric score isn’t all about it.

5. Nintendo Life

This is one of the best Nintendo gaming websites, as the title implies. Nintendo Life is a website that focuses on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, eShop, and other related topics. . There are evaluations, headlines, features, and even original videos to be found here.

The guides are prominent in this scene. They offer assistance for big titles, such as Pokémon type vulnerabilities or detecting fake paintings in Animal Crossing. The site covers both available for download eShop titles and mainstream produces, so there’s plenty of variety.

This is a must-see for all Nintendo fans, with a friendly community in the forums and comment sections.

6. GameSpot

GameSpot is a popular gaming website that is well worth taking a look. On its main page, you can find many interesting and latest news, as well as tabs to filter by your preferred gaming consoles.

The website reviews games on all platforms, both famous and obscure. You can also communicate with other gamers through its video shows and discussion boards for something a little distinct.

There are a few oddities in its evaluations, such as the author referencing that they did not complete the game. As a result, it’s nice to see an overview of what the evaluator did play below the article. However, it is a good resource in general.

7. Christ Centered Gamer

With the foregoing discussion of partiality in games, you could perhaps think that including a site with a clear bias is an unusual decision. People concerned about the principles of mainstream game sites have praised Christ Centered Gamer for its clear evaluations.

Unlike many other webpages, which allow writer prejudices to impact their standings of a game’s efficiency, this site divides its feedback into two scores. Essentially, the game is scored based on its gameplay, control systems, and other characteristics. The other assesses the game’s moral standards using criteria such as language, adult content, and so on.

If you are religious or want more details about online games for your kids than the basic game age restriction, you can consider the ethical score. If you do not even think it matters, you can overlook right past it and still get a good analysis of the game.

This website is not very famous as some other game reviewers, but it’s honest about its preconceptions and hasn’t had any significant ethical violations. That might be enjoyable for you.

8. Siliconera

Siliconera concentrates on the most recent news and analysis of Japanese games and several indie games. You’re bound to come across a game or two that you’ve never noticed of before. Viewers also enjoy the lively atmosphere with energetic moderation team, which tends to make conversations enjoyable and simple to partake in.

9. TechRaptor

Techraptor draws truthful, insightful news to the crossing of tech and gaming news that you won’t be finding anywhere else. Viewers enjoy the wide range of headlines on indie games, including platformers, sustenance games, and role-playing games. Despite becoming one of the list’s youngest nominations, their creative team is notable for actually engaging with their audience.

10. Gematsu

Gematsu began as a Console website before settling into a specialty in Japanese video games in 2007. It’s dedicated to providing impartial and prompt news, but it’s also built a friendly and close-knit group that keeps people returning for even more. Users stated that, apart from its contenders, Gematsu frequently introduces them to gaming headlines that they would otherwise not confront or would skip out on.

11. Game Informer

Game Informer, one of two magazine-based gaming sites, maintains a print version in addition to a digital platform in which you can discover news stories on all popular gaming subjects. It had a monthly flow of 6.9 million copies as recently as 2014. 

12. Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer began as a location for JPRGs/visual novel game play, but as the site grew rapidly, it expanded its coverage to include more mainstream content for its viewer. If you’re an engaged respondent, the community there is right around that point before it reaches massive popularity, when voices and opinions can stand out.

13. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a Console gaming blog from the United Kingdom. The site, which is written by top gaming critics in the UK, offers breaking news on everything from the largest industry headlines to the most ambiguous subjects you can consider.

14. GameSpot

GameSpot, one of biggest gaming sites on the Web, is among three nominations to have reached the ten-year mark since its inception in 1996. It encompasses whatever mainstream gaming news, evaluations, and columnists have to offer. There is also a segment on the site where readers can write and publish their own reviews and blog posts.

15. PC Gamer

PC Gamer, the other magazine-based blog on the list, publicizes a UK and US version that proceeds to have a monthly flow of millions. You can also pick the ideal gaming deals and hardware product reviews, in addition to PC gaming news and updates.

16. GameFAQS

GameFAQs is a great source of information for reviews of games in addition to being one of the best places to find game overviews. Look for a game and inspect the recommendations section to see what other folks assumed of it.

Because these evaluations do not follow any clear trend, it is up to each individual to discuss what they believe is important.

17. Steam

Steam has a beneficial assessment structure that lets you to see what other fans thought about the game. Simply scroll to the bottom of any game on Steam to take a gander. You can sort by favorable or unfavorable feedback, the length of time the reviewer spent playing the game, and other factors. A chart of reviews over time is also available.

Everyone else can leave comments on feedback, and the ones that are most helpful rise to prominence. Even though you don’t play on PC, reading Steam evaluations for any game you’re involved in can be a precious asset.

18. Twitch.Tv

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and gaming community. Twitch attracts over 45 million players each month who telecast, watch, and talk about playing games. Twitch’s video site serves as the foundation for the entire video game ecosystem’s live and on-demand dispersion.

Game content providers, programmers, media sources, industry norms, and press briefings are all included.

19. Roblox.Com

ROBLOX is fueled by an ever-expanding society of over 300,000 creators who create an unlimited number of highly interactive experiences. These perspectives range from 3D multiplayer games and contests to interactive excursions in which friends can take on new personalities and imagine themselves as a tyrannosaurus rex, a miner in a cavern, or an adventurer on a space travel.

20. Addicting Games

Addicting Games offers a wide range of games for people of all ages available on the internet. The beneficial rewards program, which leads to unexpected results until a player finally actually wins, is what keeps the players hooked on the game.

Addicting Games is a common pick for users all over the world thanks to its addictive gameplays and diverse play styles.


A huge proportion of well-known sites that provide fascinating gaming choices are a famous platform for online game players. What do you have to lose? Choose wisely from our list of top video gaming sites.

Every game site has flaws, whether it’s a lack of morals, a lack of properly legitimate user ratings, or a radical partiality. However, these websites are excellent sources of video game reviews and news.

Along with these alternatives, it’s a good way to seek some Twitch streaming sites you like. Because game websites utilize countless people, finding a reliable voice is challenging. You can learn about a streamer’s priorities and determine whether a game is correct for you by watching them play. Furthermore, to see a game in real time is always beneficial.