What is Squid Games?

Squid games, from its very inception, have been successful in stealing the spotlight. Everywhere, it intrigued the interest of individuals, all excited to watch the series. Now, let’s get to know what is squid games?

Dong-hyuk produced the South Korean survival drama TV series Squid Game for Netflix. The series is centered on a competition among 456 participants. All these players are heavily in debt. They put their lives on the line to play a series of lethal children’s games worth a winning prize of 45.6 billion. Hwang came up with the concept after reflecting on his own initial financial troubles. He also kept in view South Korea’s class disparities and capitalism.

Despite having written it in 2009, he couldn’t find a production house willing to fund the project. In the year 2019, Netflix became interested in the project. Squid Game was released to acclamation and global attention on September 17, 2021.

It is a very popular Netflix series, with the show ranking first in 94 countries. In its first four weeks of operation, it allured more than 142 million member households and accumulated 1.65 billion watching hours. Numerous awards have also been bestowed upon the series.

A season 2 is in the works, with the goal of having it finished and telecast by 2024.

What is Squid Games?

Story overview

It is the most evocative game of today’s increasingly competitive community. Seong Gi-hun is an important part of the story. He is a divorced father and a debt-ridden gambling addict. He is summoned to compete in a succession of children’s games for a huge cash reward. He embraces the offer and is whisked away to an unspecified location. There he finds 455 other such people who also are in debt. All of the players are supposed to wear green tracksuits. Guards wearing masks and pink jumpsuits are always keeping an eye on them. The Front Man, who wears a black mask and a black uniform, supervises the games.

Soon, all the players get the realization that if they lose the game, they are to die. Every death tends to add a $100 million to the total prize pool of $45.6 billion.

The cast of the series

Lee Jung-jae: He is named Seong Gi-hun in the series. He’s a divorced man who is also a gambler. He resides along with his mother and works hard to provide for his daughter. He plays the game to pay off his numerous debts. He wishes to demonstrate his financial stability in order to gain possession of his daughter.

Park Hae-soo: Cho Sang-woo is his name in the series. He was previously the chief of a team at a brokerage firm. The police are looking for him for embezzling cash from his customers. He also amassed huge debts through bad investments.

Wi Ha-joon: His name in the drama is Hwang Jun-ho. He is a cop who enters the game disguised as a guard. He aims to find his missing brother, who he suspects, is a part of the game.

HoYeon Jung: Kang Sae-byeok is her drama name. She is a defector from North Korea. She joins the game because she needs cash to give to a broker who will help her parents cross the border. She also wishes to buy a house for their whole family to reside together.

O Yeong-su: We know him as Oh Il-nam in the series. He is an old person suffering from a brain tumor. He would rather be playing the game than dying in the real world.

Heo Sung-tae: In the series, he is named Jang Deok-su. He is a gangster who joins the contest to pay off his enormous gambling debts. This included cash he swindled from his boss and subordinates.

Anupam Tripathi: He is called Ali Abdul in the series. He is a Pakistani migrant worker who joins the contest to support his new family. For months, his boss has refused to pay him.

Kim Joo-ryoung: Named Han Mi-nyeo in the series, she is a woman who is obnoxious and deceptive. Her motivations for participating in the game are unknown. However, she brags about being charged with fraud 5 times, implying that she is a con artist.

Yoo Sung-joo: His drama name is Byeong-gi. He is a doctor who secretively collaborates with a gang of dishonest security personnel. He trades the body parts of deceased contestants for details on future games.

Lee Yoo-mi: Ji-yeong is her drama name. She’s a woman who has killed her unmannerly step- father. She was recently freed from jail.

Kim Si-hyun: He is named Player 244. During the game, he rekindles his faith as a reverend.

Lee Sang-hee: We call him Do Jung-soo in the game. He used to be a glassmaker.

Kim Yun-tae: He is known as player 069 in the game. He joins the game with his wife, who is recognized as 070. Lee Ji-ha plays his wife.

Kwak Ja-hyoung: He is known as Player 278. He is a character who enters Deok-su’s group and serves as his bodyguard.

Christian Lagahit: He is designated the number 276. He is a participant in the Tug of War round who joins Seong Gi-hun’s group.

What is Squid Games?

The idea behind Squid Games

Hwang predicated the story on Korean games he played as a child to highlight the incongruity of a contest. Furthermore, because his original script was meant for film, he chose to use simple children’s games. Unlike other survival-type movies that use complex rules, this one uses simple rules. The squid game, which he chose as the core game, was a popular Korean children’s game in the 1970s and 1980s.

The squid game, according to Hwang, was the most aggressive and violent game he played as a child. He says that he selected this game as the focus of his film because it mirrored today’s competitive society. The preliminary game’s ddakjis are blue and red. The Korean urban legend “blue paper, red paper” influenced these.

The “Red light, Green light” play was chosen as it has the tendency to create many losers in a single round. Hwang wrote the entire series himself, and the first two episodes alone took roughly six months to complete. He then sought advice from friends on how to proceed.

Hwang also discussed the difficulties of physically and mentally gearing up for the show. He claimed that he neglected his dental health while filming Season 1. He had to get six teeth extracted by his dentist after the show was finished.

As a result, after finishing these episodes, Hwang was unsure about a sequel. Despite this, he authored the conclusion with a prospective sequel hook in thought.

Who wins the Squid Game?

We get to know that the Squid game in itself is no real-life game but it is inspired by a game. However, the title refers to a particular game named after a court that resembles a squid. Seong Gi-hun, the main character, makes it appear as if Squid Game is special to his hometown. He describes this game as being played on a squid-shaped court. For winning, the attacking team has to touch the head of the squid with their foot. They can only hope until they get to the squid’s waist. Director Hwang revealed that it was his favorite childhood game, so it appears to be authentic.

The story gets interesting when Sang-woo murders Sae-byeok. He and Gi-hun are now the only two players left in the game. The Squid Game, which pits Gi-hun against Sang-woo in a grisly knife fight, is the ultimate fight. The former ends up winning, but halts before the end of the game to activate Clause Three of the agreement. This implies that the game is over if the majority of players agree to quit.

This is a critical juncture in Gi-hun’s life. Sang-wo went into a darker state of mind with coming episodes. Whereas, all through the increasingly cruel games, Gi-hun maintains a value system. Gi-hun, on the other hand, demonstrates a brief vicious spree in this conflict. This allows him to defeat Sang-woo. But, in the end, he refuses to be completely sullied by the game, saving Sang-woo’s life. He also made a decision to forego the prize and return home. Evidently, this is not the case. Gi-hun goes back to tell Sang-woo of his course of action. However, as a result of his guilt, the latter attacks himself in the throat. Sang-final woo’s words beg Gi-hun to receive the prize money and assist his mom.

The game has ended at this point. The Front Man declares Gi-hun the champion, congratulating him on his success. When Gi-hun gets back home, he discovers that his bank account has 45.6 billion won in it. On his way back to his residence, he runs into Sang-woo’s mother. She inquires as to where her son is. Gi-hun remains silent. It’s uncertain if she takes the silence as an affirmation of Sang-woo’s death. Gi-hun then comes back to his home to find his own mother died.

What is Squid Games?

Once more, this is a critical juncture in the character’s development. Because his mother’s illness was the impetus for his inclusion in the contest. Gi-hun is still traumatized as a result of his ordeal a year afterwards. Despite his wealth, he appears gaunt and broke as he rides the subway to a banker. The banker informs him that he has barely used any of his money. Gi-hun inquires with the banker about borrowing 10,000 won.

Gi-hun goes to a nearby beach to purchase some flowers. He uncovers one more game invitation concealed among the flowers. This time, it requests that he meet his ‘gganbu’ (ally) on Christmas Eve at a building. He discovers Oh Il-nam, Player 001, whom Gi-hun had assumed was dead. Il-nam exposes himself to be the show’s mastermind while lying sick in a hospital bed. He explicates that he formed it to relieve boredom from his dull life of wealth and as a trial of mankind’s inherent worth. Il-nam explains that the games were inspired by games he used to play as a kid. Also he told that he took part in this version of the game out of sentimentality.

Il-nam then invites Gi-hun to one final game, a final litmus test for mankind’s goodness. They open the window and see a homeless man. Il-nam bets that no one will help the person before the clock strikes twelve o’clock. . Gi-hun triumphs after a passing citizen assists the homeless man, but Il-nam perishes. It’s ambiguous as to if Il-nam notices this good deed before he dies. But, there are two interpretations to be derived from this scene.

One is that Il-nam dies believing he has got the win. Second, there is no humanity left. The second is that Il-nam passes away after realizing he has lost the game. Also, he died peacefully after witnessing such kindness. Although neither situation is clarified in the TV series, this scene depicts the moral quandary at the core of Squid Game.

In the later scene, it is disclosed that the gold rabbit mask in the Front Man’s house truly belongs to Il-nam. Time passes by and, Gi-hun cleans up after himself keeping his word to Sang-woo and Sae-byeok. He transfers Sae-byeok’s brother from the children’s home to Sang-woo’s mother’s care. He also leaves a part of the cash prize from them.

Then, at the airport, you will witness Gi-hun with red hair. He is probably going to the US in order to meet or live with his daughter. Gi-hun sees someone playing ddakji as he walks to the port. He was astonishingly playing with the person, who had invited Gi-hun to the games.

He tries to track him down but fails to act in time. Instead, he gets the invitation given to the other man. The question that “Who wins the squid games” is now clear. The finale concludes with a cliffhanger. Lee Jung-Jae’s character Seong Gi-hun, triumphs in the contest.

However, because he was up against his childhood best friend Cho Sang-woo, he must strive to adjust to what he did to win. Gi-hun has spent his entire life honorably, whereas Sang-woo is a reckless idiot. Consequently, however, both got the same ending.

Gi-hun hesitates to take his friend’s life, defying the game’s rules. San-woo, on the other hand, murders himself. The Masked Leader, the show’s enigmatic originator, emerges from the darkness as well. The TV series shifts to a year later. Gi-hun was surely the winner of the contest but in reality, he lost everything he had in life. He then discovers that the old man he made friends with earlier in the game is not who he thought he was. In fact, Player 001 is the show’s founder. He has a fatal disease and made it for himself and his wealthy friends as a bit of banter.

Gi-hun learns the game is still being played after the creator dies.

What is Squid Games?

Will there be a second sequel to the series?

Season 2 of Squid Game has finally been approved by Netflix. Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, openly admitted that “the Squid Game universe has only just begun.” Hwang Dong-hyuk, the series’ maker, was initially reluctant to discuss a second edition. But the magnanimous success of the show changed his views. During its first month, the show itself was watched for 1.6 billion hours.

Hwang emerged ever more assured about prospective Squid Game narratives in later interviews. He also said to an interviewer that he also had so ideas for the next edition. Later, he confessed in another interview to the Guardian that he in fact has a high-level image of the upcoming sequel in his mind.

In November of last year, he affirmed to The Associated Press that “A second season will be produced” of Squid Game. Hwang believes that viewers had given him “no option” but only to start writing more. Gi-quest hun’s for vengeance is the most apparent thread to discuss.

Hwang admitted to the Associated Press that “I can assure you that Gi-hun will return and do something good for humanity”. Clearly, the show’s creators and scriptwriters have a difficult task ahead of them. If and only if they want to sustain narrative logic while repeating its appeal.

Netflix and Hwang are presently trying to find just the right structure. So it’s no surprise that a follow-up season is unlikely to happen in the near future. Investigating Jun-hon’s fate is another possible plot discussion. He is the undercover cop who identifies the Front Man as his brother, In-ho. Jun-hon may have withstood the encounter despite being shot and falling off the cliff’s edge. We really don’t know what drove In-ho to become the game’s, Front Man. This appears to be a probable plot thread for the show to follow.

Hwang has also expressed an interest in this topic. He informed THR that he’d rather go deeper into what is happening with those two brothers? Surprisingly, he has also hinted at delving deeper into the mystical recruiter’s life in the same interview.

It is a fact that the first, much-applauded part of squid games, does not leave any scruples. This is primarily because most of the players are dead at the end. The people playing the departed characters don’t appear to be too bothered, either.

As a result, we’re unsure where Squid Game will go next apart from the above discussion. We’d like to have more of the series’ of perilous mysteries. We hope, however, that Netflix does not launch an amateurish season just for adding to the success. Hwang, on the other hand, appears to be conscious of the risks.

He spoke to the Guardian saying that he understood that there are unrealistic and high hopes for season two. As a result, it’s clear that Hwang is testing the waters when it comes to potential strategies for the show. But, both Netflix and the writer should ensure that season 2 retains the attention of its massive audience.