How to grow a YouTube channel

How to grow a YouTube channel

Believe me or not, this is the right time you need to think about growing your YouTube channel. But why “right now”? To begin with, YouTube is the 2nd most – busiest website on the internet. It has an estimated 2.1 billion global users at the time. According to statistics, an average human spends six hours a day, watching videos. If you would like to be noticed on YouTube, you should employ different promoting strategies.

In this article, we’ll try to familiarize you with a number of strategies and tactics. All of them are going to help you boost your viewership on YouTube. In order to boost your channel and increase your ROI, you should adhere to these strategies.

1. Use attention-grabbing titles

Presentation and appearance count a lot in the YouTube marketing area. When it gets to the efficiency of your video, titles can drastically affect it. Make a clear mind about why you are going to make/post a video. The best way to create good titles is to capture your viewer’s attention without the use of clickbait headlines. People want to consume content that serves to entertain them.

Instead of going with the first idea that comes to mind, you must certainly spend some time thinking about interesting titles. According to a well-known study by Tubular Insights, titles for YouTube videos should be between 41 and 70 characters long. In the meantime, tools like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer suggest 55 characters. The CoSchedule software isn’t primarily designed for video titles. However, it’s fantastic for coming up with YouTube-friendly titles. Referring to all these things you are likely to grow your YouTube channel.

2. Improve the visibility of your videos.

70 percent of the overall 100 Google searches include YouTube videos. Any item or “how-to” web search will yield results from YouTube. Indeed, YouTube results often can appear prior to typical blogs or web pages. 

Consider your YouTube videos to be just as any other type of media that requires optimization. This can be in terms of keywords, tags etc. You’ll have to pursue a few of the great YouTube SEO practices to boost your odds of appearing. 

  • Engaging titles and brief descriptions: Don’t forget to add keywords to your titles and the provided descriptions. You can discover relevant keywords by using tools such as 
  • In your video, make use of keywords: Brian Dean of Backlinko suggests you to use keywords inside the video. He explains that doing this can help YouTube understand what your video is actually about. 
  • Active engagement: Engagements are used by YouTube to evaluate where videos appear in search rankings. Some of these are likes, shares and comments. 
  • Use of categories: Categories can make YouTube understand who the audience is going to be. 
  • Add tags to your videos: Tags can be added to your videos in addition to categories. This provides more perspective for your stuff on Youtube. Tags can be used in a variety of ways, so include as much as you can consider.

Don’t keyword stuff, much like you wouldn’t choose for your website’s SEO. Use keywords only when they sound right, not just because they are there.

3. Determine the desires of your target audience.

You should ensure that any sort of material you create is in line with what your intended audience desires. Start by getting to understand your audience, whether you’re drafting a blog post or making videos. Also, consider what type of content they expect from you.

If you’re just getting started with a YouTube promotion, take a glance at your contenders or other video producers. Observe the content that has the most views and engagement. This way, you’ll get an idea of your audience preferences. Also, you’ll get to know what your target audience is interested in learning about.

 If you’ve already posted videos, another option is to check your YouTube Analytics. YouTube provides detailed data on audiences, position, participation, and other useful statistics. Sprout Social’s YouTube reporting can also help you in getting your approach to move further. Compare your data to other social videos you’ve created. 

4. Try interacting with the YouTube community

You may well not consider YouTube to be a networking site in the traditional sense. However, the platform does portray a thriving community in which users interact. YouTube considers any connection with your audiences to be a positive indicator. Interacting with your viewers can allow you to build a better relationship with your target audience. 

It takes little time to “like” comments. You can also pin a top comment to send a personal message to your viewers. 

5. Make your thumbnails unique.

Generating personalized thumbnails is among the easiest strategies for promoting your YouTube channel. Consider your heading and thumbnail to be a one-two punch for grabbing an audience’s eye. YouTube automatically grabs a snapshot from any video sequence and utilizes this as the thumbnail. Sadly, it occasionally captures a pixilated picture during camera adjustments or transitions.

Making your own thumbnails improves the overall appearance of your video content. It also conveys a certain degree of professionalism. Thumbnails, on the other hand, do not have to be complicated. You can design a template that uses a specific typeface and appearance.

It will become more coherent and on-brand as a result of this. This is done easily by the availability of image creation software. 

6. Make use of YouTube to promote your own videos.

On YouTube, There’s a decent possibility you’re focusing on ideas that coincide. To get the most out of your older material, cross-promote your video content whenever possible. As a kind of invitation, you can include links in the description of a video. Then stimulate audiences to check them out. 

Some may be dissatisfied with YouTube’s latest revocation of its annotation system. However, including a URL in your description inspires people to watch your content without opening it. 

7. Search engine results that you want to target

As previously stated, YouTube is absolutely crushing it in terms of SEO. You should not create content primarily for search results rather than for humans. SEO should be considered when promoting your YouTube channel. There are some types of content that is more likely to rank in search results. This may include reviews on different products, how-to videos, videos over 10 minutes or those with keyword-specific themes.

Sometimes we fall short of ideas for content. Contemplate how you can use your YouTube channel advertising to capitalize on the trendiest buzzword in your industry. 

8. Organize competitions or giveaways.

A giveaway is something that YouTube users adore. Organize a YouTube competition or giveaway to entice viewers to subscribe to your channel. This will ensure maximum engagement. To join your competitions, ask people to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel. 

Follow these tips for operating a social media competition:

  • Check that you are adhering to YouTube’s guidelines.
  • Offer up a promotional item relevant to the company. You have to bring in people who aren’t just looking for freebies.
  • Incorporate user-generated material and other unconventional entrance requirements to get innovative.

Organizing recurring YouTube contests, on the other hand, should be approached with caution. Confirm that your efforts are yielding results. You will waste time, funds, and assets if you do not. Wait for a little after completing one contest to examine your subscription drop-off percentage and engagement figures. If you’re not luring active subscribers, you might just be flocking who want stuff for free. 

9. Incentivize audiences to keep up with your series.

Generating a series of videos that encompasses an ongoing subject is a great way to boost your YouTube channel. Series are beneficial to both makers and audiences. You wouldn’t have to prop your mind for concepts as a creator. This is because you retain yourself responsible for developing new YouTube content. 

For the audience, always have something to look forward to. Similarly, they have a motivation to consider coming back to your platform.

10. YouTube videos can be embedded.

 Outside of YouTube, a few of the great areas to advertise your Youtube page exists. On-site video content has been shown to increase rates of conversion and decrease bounce rates. Embed a video if you want people to remain on a product page or personal blog for a longer period of time.

Any possibility to direct your on-site visitors to YouTube is advantageous.

11. Organization of content in playlists

With more videos, it becomes tricky for viewers to find their way around your channel. This is the reason that makes playlists essential for YouTubers. Playlists help organize your channel by categorizing your videos. They also endear to your audience’s urge to binge-watch. 

12. Encourage participation by using calls to action.

Merely asking for participation is often the ideal route to have your videos recognized. Particularly when considering the urgency and correlation that visual content can generate. Not everybody who likes or subscribes to one of your videos will remember to do so. 

As a result, it’s becoming more popular to include these prompts in the description of the video or within the clip itself. There’s no shame in requesting adoration, particularly if you’re a newer channel. . In fact, you can request visitors to respond to questions in the comments section or to watch some other video. It is a great way of keeping the engagement going.

You can also include links to other videos or an outer link to your website as a type of CTA. 

13. Try your hand at live streaming.

The live stream is among the most popular online dynamics, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Different apps including Facebook and Instagram are making it simpler to broadcast live. As time goes on, yet more brand names are joining in. 

YouTube has already been providing live videos for a long time, but it has only lately gained traction. You could get a semblance of how other products are using the platform. Try watching some good and popular Youtube Live videos. 

Here are a few ways of using YouTube Live:

  • Tutorials that are given live.
  • Questions and answers
  • Displays of goods
  • Webcasts

Don’t be concerned if your streams aren’t flowing as seamlessly as you’d prefer. One of the exciting aspects of live stream is that you will never know exactly what will be the result. The raw, unrefined quality of the live video is precisely what renders it so appealing.

14. Collaboration with creators and brand names

Collaboration with other users is a strategy used by some of the major YouTubers to expand their viewership. Every partnership exposes you to a larger audience. What’s more, these subscribers are more inclined to stick around to your channel. As you are collaborating with someone they already recognize, adore, and have faith in. Picking the best partner is critical to an effective YouTube collaboration.

You would like to work with creators who are passionate about the same things as your product. So, your video appears genuine. 

15. Launch a YouTube advertising program

Paid YouTube ads are always an option for increasing visibility. YouTube provides a number of ad types to choose between, including: 

  • Display ads: These advertisements appear in the video’s sidebar to the right. They can only be accessed via a desktop computer. 
  • Overlay ads: Ads that are semi-transparent and are seen at the lower end of a video.
  • Video ads that can and cannot be skipped: These advertisements appear before, in between, or after watching a video. After 5 seconds, skippable advertisements can be bypassed. Non-skippable advertisements, on the other hand, must be viewed all the way through. 
  • Bumper ads: These are advertisements that viewers have to visualize before watching the video. These cannot be skipped. They can last no longer than six seconds.
  • Sponsored cards: It’s these graphics that appear in the context of related videos. They can be used to market your brand or other material.

You could use an extant video or create your own for your ad creation. When you select an existing video, it can be highly beneficial. You can select a clip that has previously proven to work. If a visual has received a number of views and participation naturally, operating paid ads can help you get even more. On the other hand, creating a video for your advertisements helps to build more directed content. 

You can, for example, generate an advertisement with a particular call to action.  Viewers will be directed to a homepage or some other video as a result of this. 

 16. Disseminate your video content on social sites

It’s no surprise that videos outperform other types of media in terms of success on social networks. You must share your Youtube page with your followers on social media regularly. This will persuade them to subscribe to your channel. Make a habit of informing followers whenever a video goes live.

You can also make excerpts or teasers for each platform that connects to your most recent work.

17. Complete your profile details

Several YouTubers skim over the personal profile and get right to work on their content. A persuasive profile, on the other hand, is one of the simplest tools to boost your YouTube channel. It also enhances your SEO.

Here are some guidelines for developing a successful YouTube profile:

  • Maintain consistency: Use a color scheme, text type, and design that is consistent with your webpage and other media platforms. 
  • Improve the description of your YouTube channel: This is an excellent place to include keywords. Although YouTube discourages “tag stuffing,” incorporating a few keywords can help. 
  • Continue to entice viewers: How and when frequently will you publish new content? Make your plan known to fans, and then adhere to it.
  • Include your contact details: You never realize who may wish to contact you. Make it simple for people, and you may be able to secure some fantastic collaborations.

18. Consider a Question/Answer session

Among the best ways to enhance a YouTube, the community is through Q&As. Request that your viewers send questions in the form of feedback, an email, or on Twitter. Then, make a video in response to them.

You will increase viewership, view statistics, and engagement by demonstrating to your fan base that they mean a thing. In addition, if you’re out of new content thoughts, Q&As can come in handy. 

19. Follow the guidelines on YouTube.

Because of the growing number of minors, YouTube is coming down hard on offensive material. Don’t post a thing that you deem inappropriate for a teenager. Or else, your content will be marked as inappropriate and would be deleted. According to one research, automated flagging solely resulted in the removal of millions of YouTube videos. If you have any doubts, re-consider the rules of the community. 

20. Make the most of the holidays

Predicting what users are searching for can help you get more viewership. Make use of holiday breaks, mainstream films, and trends to publish good content. You’d be astonished at just how effective this tactic can be!


Most likely, you began your YouTube experience as a follower. The webpage has been up and running since 2006. Every day, viewers observe over a billion hours on YouTube. Your favorite Youtube users are more than just an origin of comedic drawings, beauty tutorials, and vlogs. They’re an outstanding advertising and marketing test case. Look for productive channels which are comparable to yours and pay attention to how they do it. Then, add your own twist to it. You have access to a large catalogue that is constantly being added to. Every moment, 500 hours of fresh video content is added. So, get going and ace it

Increasing your YouTube audience is not something that happens by chance. And, sure, if your environment is congested with contests, it can feel like a slog. That is why it is advantageous to have a range of innovative strategies at your disposal. A few of these suggestions necessitate a greater level of work than others. However, each of them can assist you in getting more views and, as a result, more subscribers.