How and why brands can benefit from engaging with gaming audiences

Our latest free report A new era in media engagement and media communications. Entertainment examines how video games fit into the larger media and entertainment landscape. There are signs that gaming is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation, and is changing the way people interact with other forms of media and entertainment.

Video games are highly immersive multimedia platforms that blur the lines between traditional and new forms of entertainment. They represent a major opportunity for brands in gaming and beyond.

Over 80% of US consumers play video games
As engagement shifts toward more active behaviors in unique environments, and the digital and physical worlds collide, brands need to embrace the Understand the gaming market and how they work with new forms of engagement, especially since these environments encompass such a large audience of gaming enthusiasts.

This article examines the key findings of the new report and provides insights on how brands can begin their gaming entertainment journey. Let’s begin.

There are many gamers and gamers
The video game market has a large and diverse audience, and more and more people are coming to video games every year. In the US alone, 84% of consumers enjoy video games and virtual worlds, spending an average of 11.8 hours per week playing them and interacting with them in a variety of ways.

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