Our updated platform is here, powered by the industry-leading

The relaunch of our platform is once again shaking up the world of gaming data and demonstrates our leadership in data for PC and consoles.

Complementing our already powerful PC and console data offering with highly anticipated Nintendo Switch data, we are consolidating our products onto a single platform for seamless integration. This generation of the Newzoo platform and products offers the most comprehensive source of gaming market intelligence ever created.

  1. Games, players and market data on one platform
    In the past year we have refined and optimized our offer in order to create maximum added value for our customers.The updated platform now includes four distinct flagships, each focusing on a different aspect of the gaming world, followed by thousands of games.
    The Global Gamer Study – The most comprehensive study of gamers worldwide, covering 75,000 consumers in 36 countries/markets annually covering over 200 variables.
    The Game Health Tracker – Detailed insights into the journey to awareness and purchases of hundreds of released and upcoming PC and console games.
    Games Market Reports and Forecasts – Thought Leaders and Market Forecasts.
    All four products are available for purchase on the updated platform, allowing for integration between each product. This makes it significantly easier for teams to harness Newzoo insights together. Our products enable Newzoo’s core customers – PC and console game developers and publishers – to make data-driven decisions around developing, launching, and operating their games. At Newzoo, we believe that easily accessible, actionable, and trusted data elevates decision-making across teams. With the updated Newzoo platform, we brought all of our products together in one place to create a single point of reference for games data.We track all data against a common taxonomy, enabling seamless collaboration between marketing, product, publishing and research teams. From benchmarking games and measuring market share to researching new audiences, identifying competitors and defining your overall target market, our data makes it all possible. Michelle Rouhof, CEO of Newzoo
  2. Revenue and engagement data for Nintendo Switch games is now available in the Game Performance Monitor and revenue data is available in our GPM Revenues add-on. It’s a notoriously opaque data source that needs to be tamed. So we’re excited to add them to the platform and make Newzoo the world’s most comprehensive data source for PC and consoles. Over the past 12 months we’ve added many new features and expanded our product line to create even more value for our customers. We’re proud to be the first in the industry to share Nintendo Switch engagement and revenue data with our Game Performance Monitor customers. Over the next year, we will continue to increase the reach and accuracy of each of our products, with a focus on title-level engagement and revenue metrics.

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