Case Study: How Anzu Uses Newzoo to Improve Sales Cycle

Founded in 2017, Anzu is the most advanced integrated gaming solution for mobile, PC, console and the metaverse. In-game ads that prioritize gameplay help advertisers reach their audiences in an automated, seamless, and engaging way, and allow developers to monetize their titles by placing ads that complement gameplay.

Anzu is also the first in-game advertising solution to subscribe to Newzoo data.

The company uses Game Performance Monitor (GPM) to streamline its sales cycle by identifying optimal geographies and campaign audiences. Newzoo helps Anzu teams better understand the gaming landscape and communicate promotional offers.

We spoke to Chris Vincelli, Vice President of Business Development, to find out how Anzu discovered Newzoo, what led Anzu to subscribe to Newzoo, and how the company uses the platform.

Partners with Newzoo on AAA and Independent Studios Campaign
When building game advertising partnerships with new game publishers and studios, Anzu aims to provide as much game performance data as possible.

When developing the most sought-after partnership opportunity, it’s important to have comprehensive information about the game’s Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) as well as detailed player level data.

Understanding the game’s DAU and other key metrics allows Anzu’s business development team to identify and prioritize the titles with the best prospects before reaching out to the publisher. The more data a team has about a publisher or game, the better they can effectively communicate a unique value proposition.“Newzoo helped us sell inventory to Anzu’s demand channels, allowing us to better understand advertisers’ appetites for specific offers,” says Vincelli.

Anzu was originally intended to collect publicly available data, but proved incomplete for the detailed needs of the sales team. “Newzoo caught our attention long before we officially partnered,” says Vincelli.

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