Three Key Drivers of PC and Console Gaming Market Revenue Growth However, our forecast

In our new PC and Console Gaming report, we expect the combined market to continue growing this year. As the spring months begin, a few elements come together to help the market thrive.

These building blocks are:

More and more AAA and AA publishers will transition their core businesses to service-based models.Increasingly, companies will choose to extend the life of existing franchises rather than rely on a few major releases. The
consoles are becoming more affordable as there are more and more semiconductors. As supply chains return to normal, console manufacturers will be able to produce more consoles and demand for new game content will remain stable.
The market will embrace hybrid monetization strategies as in-game advertising becomes a more lucrative revenue stream for AAA titles.
Let’s take a closer look at these key factors driving the PC and console market.

live service models will impel PC and consoles market growth in 2023.
Live service games currently dominate the market. Eight of the Monthly Active Users (MAU) top 10 games of 2022 were released before this year. Gamers are demanding greater fidelity, depth, and seamless content delivery, raising the bar for story-driven single-player gaming to near-impossible heights.

Unlike this model, the live service structure allows developers to fine-tune games after launch. Live games based on proven franchises are a relatively safe choice for publishers.This model allows companies of all sizes to focus their resources on games with the best chance of success.

However, it should be noted that support and additional content are still expected in live support mode. And this increased expectation of ongoing content puts more emphasis on game development.

Game development has become more expensive over the past decade as development times, teams and overall costs have skyrocketed. There isn’t much room to risk losing the title.

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