Which PC and Console Games Generated the Most Revenue in the US?

Sometimes a video game defines a generation (or the first quarter of a fiscal year). The top game of the last quarter (measured by revenue generated across platforms) was Hogwarts Legacy.

Looking at the top games by revenue (including premium and in-game) across all major PC and console platforms, the first obvious trend is the financial performance of the new Harry Potter game. It was the top-grossing PC game in the US and UK, doing the same in the US on PlayStation and PC. Of course, that wasn’t the only significant trend in gaming revenue since the first quarter of 2023.

sports titles have, as they often do, generated big sales in both PC and console gaming, but football isn’t the only thing that has thrived in the UK market. Players in the US are spending more on soccer stocks than in previous years, and FIFA 23 is doing well in that market.

Following the latest trend, the top-grossing Nintendo Switch games have included many first-party titles. The Remastered Metroid took first and second place in the US and UK, respectively. It will be interesting to see if Home Games can top Hogwarts Legacy when it comes to Switch in July.

Using Newzoo’s Gaming Performance Monitor, this article breaks down the top ten games for each platform by revenue and what we can learn from those results. To place this article in a broader industry context, check out our free PC and Console Gaming report. Now let’s move on to the best games.

Hogwarts Legacy was by far the best-selling PC video game in the first quarter of 2023.
If you look at the top 10 titles by revenue in the US and UK, you’ll see many similar titles. As mentioned above, Hogwarts Legacy topped both lists by a significant margin, but if you scroll through both lists you might notice some interesting trends.

It was a fascinating surprise that Sons of the Forest, the open world survival game and sequel to The Forest, defeated many blockbusters like The Sims 4 and ROBLOX. Dead Space, the critically acclaimed remake of the sci-fi horror classic, did quite well, especially in the US.

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