Cross-platform gamers are spending more time and money playing PC and console games

The era of cross-platform gaming is over and likely will remain so. More and more players are turning to cross-platform gaming, especially as cross-play becomes more common in the industry.

At the computer & In the 2023 Console Gaming Report, we found that a significant percentage of gamers (PC and/or consoles in particular) play across three major platforms (PC, console, and mobile). We call these particular cross-platform enthusiasts tri-platform gamers.

These tri-platform gamers represent a large segment of gamers and are an important cohort for developers and publishers as they spend a lot of time and money on games.Understanding these players and how to reach and delight them will be of great benefit to development.

We share what we know about gamers across all three platforms and find out how to use that knowledge.

One in four PC and/or console gamers uses multiple platforms
According to the Global Gamer Study, gaming on multiple devices or platforms has become very popular among PC and/or console enthusiasts.

According to our new PC and Consoles report, seven out of ten PC and/or console gamers played on more than one platform over a six-month period (field study conducted February-April 2022 and published in early 2023). , and almost one in four gamers played on PC, consoles and mobile devices. Additionally, the most common combination for PC and/or console gamers was to play on both mobile and PC.

Using data and insights from our 2022 Global Gamer Survey, we also found that playing on two or three platforms signals an increase in average gaming time and spending. Compared to PC/console gamers who only used one or two platforms, gamers who delved into all three platforms spent significantly more time and money on video games and related purchases.

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